Day 19: Darren Wilson still has not been arrested for the murder of Mike Brown.

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it’s eery how easily Americans seem to contract widespread amnesia when it comes to their presidents. Bush is not your quirky uncle and Obama isn’t your cool boss. they’re callous killers and war criminals. don’t forget it. 

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You know what’s ironic? I don’t see Palestinians from the diaspora going home just to join Hamas, or other militant groups but I DO see reports of young Jews making aliyah to Israel specifically just to join the IDF.

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(Freshly typed. I’m not a professional, but I think I caught everything. Um… no idea how to parse the sentence, but whatever.)

Woman: Uh, everything about our nation and god and everything.

Man: Uh, huh.

Woman: I just want to know, how much do you love your country?

Man: What is your nationality?

Woman: I’m confused.

Man: About your heritage.

Woman: so what is my nationality, what colour are all y’all?

Man: Alright. Let me explain. Let me help you out. Let me help you understand.

Woman: defend it, I love all of you.

Man: At one time, Jewish people lived in Germany,  you understand that right ?

Woman:  I’m German as well.

Man: I know, that is why I asked you what is your nationality. At one time Jewish people lived in Germany, didn’t they?

Woman: Did they?

Man: And during WW1 they fought for Germany, they loved Germany. Until one day Adolf Hitler begins to exterminate them and then they turned on their country and went for a land of their own.

Well, this is what you have to understand: we have served this stinking country. There is nobody more patriotic than Black people. We are the people that die in your wars, build your cities, and raise your children and bleed in your all of your wars and reap none of the benefits.

There is nobody more patriotic than us. There is nobody that served America more than us, until one day we found out that this is the land of our oppressor, this is not our homeland. So we decided to go found our own land. So we decided to go find the land of our ancestors, just like the Jewish people did in Germany.

Know what the, the problem with white people is? You don’t respect anybody’s humanity except for your own. You don’t respect anybody’s pain, except for your own.

You expect Jewish people to hate Hitler and hate the Nazis, but you can’t understand why we should hate you. You can’t understand that because you’re not human. And you’re cruel. And you’re selfish. And if you had any love and compassion in your heart, you would know how much you deserve to be hated. If you had any love in your heart.

You white people are merciless. And you hate to look at anybody as a human being.

How dare you ask us: “have you loved America?”!? [background woman crying, ‘you’re horrible’] We have loved you for forever. And you have always hated us.

We have loved you consistently for 400 hundred years. We prayed to that white Jesus. And we saluted your flags. And we died in your militaries. And you beat us like dogs.

How dare you ask us, “Have we loved you?”!?

I have a question for you. When in the hell have you loved anybody but yourself? [woman crying and pointing, saying ‘you’re horrible’]

Give me Ezekial 35 (? Not sure what is said here)

I’m looking at you square in your eyes and tell you this:

That you are completely cruel. And you know why your heart is broke? Because I’m telling you the truth for the first time in your life.

Your whole life you thought that you’ve been compassionate and caring, but meanwhile, you know what you are? Just another white girl standing on stolen ground, [background, ‘what? what?’] reaping the benefits of bloody fathers.

Woman:  You’re horrible.

Man: That is what you are. Even though you think you’re so liberal and so kind. All you are is another child benefiting off the murder of your father. That is who you reall are. And you should face it. And you should fall on your knees and beg repentance, for your evil, cruel, corrupt selfish life. That you’ve lived here on the bones of the North American Indian, on the bones of the slaves, on the bones of the Puerto Ricans, on the bones of the Mexicans, on the bones of all the poor people. That your father murdered so that you could go to college. And so that you could get drunk and high, and have a good time.

Your father had to murder for that privilege. You understand that, don’t you? Your father had to kill. Your grandfather had to steal. So that you could live like Pamela Anderson [background woman crying, ‘you’re horrible’] in America.

Give me Ezekial 45. That is the truth. I’m sorry. I’m showing you love! That’s love. I’m telling you the truth. Ain’t that real love?

[Woman sobbing. Cuts to music video]

/end transcript

someone was asking for a transciption again…

Still relevant

this makes me wanna shout and talk in tongues…

I catch the holiest of ghosts every time I see this.

He didn’t even use a single cuss word

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